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SPAM the food is disgusting and salty, just like Spam / Black Hat SEO. These marketing strategies only do harm to your website, as it is the “fast inexpensive way” into digital marketing. Well, sad to say, but that just doesn’t work. As the Web grows and evolves, web rankings become more complex and harder. So the, SEO Agency California set out to ensure that we provide only the highest quality, White Hat digital marketing services.

Our Promise

At Lead Source SEO, we refuse to be known as a typical outsource SEO agency or any other standard agency. We strive to bring the highest quality Digital Marketing services to your business. We take the time with all of our clients, to develop a customized marketing campaign to ensure client success and satisfaction. When creating our marketing strategy for our clients, we spend the time to study the niche, and provide real SEO content and work; not just lousy spam backlinks at $1000 a month that, only due long term DAMAGE to your website.

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  1. the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.
  1. 1.
    the process of developing or creating a website
noun: marketing
  1. the action or business of promoting and selling products or services through social media promotion, as well as market research and advertising.
  1. the action of making a website have a complete user interface for the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.

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Why The California SEO Agency?

Although we market businesses nationwide, Lead Source SEO is the SEO Agency California of 2019. We are the SEO consultants of 2019, providing custom tailored marketing plans for clients, no matter the budget. Low budget or high budget, we will get you the #1 Google ranking no matter what! All of our clients will always receive the same quality of service, as well as support. 

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Keyword Research

Next, we move into Keyword Rankings. It’s important that businesses can appear, and rank highly in the SERPs for the keywords related to their business. Without Keyword Rankings, website traffic will be kept to a minimal due to low Google rankings or unrelated keywords.

Content Marketing

Content Building and Integration. It is important that websites provide as much content as possible, detailing their website and business. This allows the Google spiders to pickup on what your website actually is, depending on if your content is quality of not, Google will most likely give your website a “test run” that lasts a few days to test your website in the SERPs.

User Experience

User Experience

First, we start by going through the website, executing Technical SEO methods to obtain a better user experience. This can be obtained through; Proper Interlinking, Improving Page Speed, Smoother & Cleaner pages and more.

Natural Link Building

Instead of providing our clients with spam GSA links and spam PBNs, we provide our clients with natural backlinks through outreach. Quality natural backlinks are great in obtaining more web awareness to your website and business.

Lead Source SEO Marketing

Local Footprint

Having a local footprint has many benefits it can bring to a business. When people have knowledge of a physical store that provides something they need, they will seek that store. And whether physical store or not, providing a Local footprint, allowing potential customers and website users to know exactly where you’re based out of.

Why Lead Source SEO?

Intended to become the SEO Agency of California, soon became a nationwide agency. Over the last year, Lead Source SEO has taken it’s time to ensure that what is provided to our clients, will give them the results they desire. With preset plans, that any business, Local or Corporate, can grow from. We can create custom tailored plans, to lower costs for clients with smaller budgets, and when certain areas aren’t needed, and only need to focus on one aspect of Digital Marketing. All aspects or SEO, or just writing Blog posts, Lead Source SEO is there to grow your business. 

Lead Source SEO

Our Simple and Relaxing Process

Client Intake and Assessment

All clients will receive a advanced SEO audit on their website, as well as a 30-Minute Consultation. Over this 30-minutes we will discuss the goals and hopeful outcomes of the upcoming marketing campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Next we move into learning what competitors are doing, and see what is bringing them to the top spot of Google. We will assess their website with an SEO analysis side by side with your website.

Full Niche Research

Whether it’s a niche we’ve already conquered, or a new niche, we still spend time with every client and research all aspects of their business and competitors. With full niche research, it makes it much easier to find the proper leverage

Marketing Diploid

After all information is taken in and analyzed, we launch our campaign full throttle! Putting every bit of SEO and other forms of optimization into the marketing campaign. A wide coverage of Digital Marketing to ensure a strong On & Off Page presence on the web, 


We are with our clients every step of the way, providing monthly reports as well as fresh website audits. Extra weekly reports can be made upon request by client, free of charge. We like to make sure that each of our clients have a complete understanding of their website

Sit Back & Relax

You’re all done! Now all that’s left is to sit back, relax and watch the results as they come and grow substantially over the next few weeks and months. Watch before your eyes as your website boosts to new heights of traffic and conversions it’s never reached before.

Get Your Free Audit

Here at Lead Source SEO, we provide a Free Website Audit to anybody who wishes, and fills out the form. We will then email the Technical SEO audit on the website you chose.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Next, we move into consulting and the discussion of the audit performed on your website. We will discuss all the current position of your website on Google, and what can be done to improve SERP rankings.

Develop Strategy with Budget

After our consultation, we will take the current budget you have, and create a custom tailored marketing campaign to suit your needs and your budget. All of our clients will always receive a custom tailored campaign, no outsourcing or middle man. All in-house marketing!

Revise Strategy Until Perfection

We will develop one or more marketing strategies for each of our clients, discuss each strategy and why we think it would be best to go with which route. Once the marketing strategy is set in stone, we launch out marketing attack!

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