What is Mobile Optimization? Mobile Optimization is the re optimizing or redesign of a website to appear mobile friendly. Having a website that is mobile friendly not only easier to use and navigate, but it also provides for a better user experience. You should do this not only to make your website easier to use, but you will soon see a boost in your Google rankings. Why Should You? As of 2019 only mobile friendly
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Rank #1 On Google
WHAT RANKS WEBSITES ON GOOGLE? There is a large factor that plays into Google’s algorithms that come to play in a websites rankings. The most known way at the moment is Link Building and Technical SEO, even though, those methods are somewhat outdated, and Google now looks for quality content. Sure, Technical SEO and creating backlinks does work and helps rank your website higher, but with Google’s algorithm constantly changing, these are currently the Top 10
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How To Rank On Google in 2019
The 2019 SEO Strategy for Success? WHAT’S DIFFERENT IN 2019? With Google constantly changing it’s algorithm it changes it’s ways it ranks websites, and this year and the years after, I believe it’s not going to be the way it used to be. And what was being done (And still is by most SEO agencies today) simply just isn’t working anymore, and it will never work again. Thankfully, if these strategies and tactics are diploid
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Why am I not ranking on Google? Lack of Content Having content on your website can be crucial to determine whether Google decides to rank your website high in the SERPs. The reason having a lack of content will cause a website to fail, is the reason that Google’s spiders crawl your website, and see whether you have quality, relevant content; and if you do, Google  ranks your website higher in the SERPs. Without having
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