About Lead Source SEO

Our Mission

Here at Lead Source SEO our mission is to create a new wave of Digital Marketing like no other agency before. Our mission is to create and devise a special SEO strategy for each of our clients to meet all of their needs. We do our best effort to take the time and spend hours creating each SEO strategy for every one of our clients, because every niche is different, and all other SEO agencies, still haven’t figured it out.

Our Purpose

Created in Laguna Hills, California and Founded by Austin T Schaffer in August of 2018. The main purpose of starting Lead Source SEO was to solve a problem that millions of websites are having trouble with, and that’s ranking on Google and getting traffic & sales. As being a fellow entrepreneur wanting to start a business, Austin formed a Digital Marketing agency, to help small businesses and websites get the traffic and sales they need to fulfill their goals for their business.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide as many websites with the visibility they need to bring success to their websites. We succeed in providing quality white label services, that are 100% in tune and constantly up to date with the Google Algorithm. All of our combined strategies obtain Google rankings with eaze, and dominate the competition. The tools we use track and analyze all aspects of your website at all times, so we are always aware.

Your Success

The success of your website or business is our primary focus. We cannot feel like we’re an actual Marketing Agency if we’re not providing our clients with strong powerful results that will last for years to come. We also allow our clients COMPLETE flexibility. Cancel whenever they want, or join us for a year and get a huge discount! Your success is the most important part to us as a digital marketing agency. No more bad practices in SEO! And that’s why we’re different from the rest.

About the Founder of Lead Source SEO

Austin T Schaffer created Lead Source SEO, as a freshman in college. Only after a few months of learning and practicing digital marketing, it gave Austin the flexibility to drop out of college and make Lead Source SEO a full-time gig. Originally intended to allow Austin to quit his job, soon turned into a full passion and full time job, day in and day out. Live, Eat, Sleep, SEO. Ever since the young age of 10, Austin has been building websites on multiple platforms as a hobby, then soon realized it could be a job. Started off by building a video game website when he was only in elementary school, next moved to a paintball website, then eCommerce and now Digital Marketing. Austin has expertise on many different web design platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and Shopify. Austin soon realized though that WordPress is been the golden crown in creating and ranking websites on Google.

Based Out Of Laguna Hills, CA

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