Here at Lead Source SEO our mission is to create a new wave of Digital Marketing like no other agency before. Our mission is to create and devise a special SEO strategy for each of our clients to meet all of their needs. We do our best effort to take the time and spend hours creating each SEO strategy for every one of our clients, because every niche is different, and all other SEO agencies, still haven’t figured it out.


Created in Laguna Hills, California and Founded by Austin T Schaffer in October of 2018. The main purpose of starting Lead Source SEO was to solve a problem that millions of websites are having trouble with, and that’s ranking on Google and getting traffic & sales. As being a fellow entrepreneur wanting to start a business, Austin formed a Digital Marketing agency, to help small businesses and websites get the traffic and sales they need to fulfill their goals for their business.


I am an entrepreneur looking to help local businesses and all websites alike obtain the traffic and sales that they so desire to create a high profit business. I enjoy helping businesses grow and gain a larger footprint in their area and on the web. I am soon to become an online mentor as I will teach others how they too can create their own Digital Marketing agency.