The second aspect to Search Engine Optimization, Off Page. Off Page or Off Site SEO is typically described by most and most SEO agencies as “backlinks”…. Sorry, if you were sold “Off Page SEO Backlinks” because in turn your website will most likely get punished if they’re low quality, SPAM or irrelevant links. Only backlinks you ever want touching your website is natural backlinks from reputable sources, as well as some Blog Network links. Off page SEO is much more than backlinks though, it’s its own ball game.

Our Best Off Page Ranking Techniques

Guest Post Articles

One of the most powerful ways to rank a website, is having guest post articles posted about your website. When these backlinks come from websites with a high domain authority and a good reputation, it can catapult your SERP rankings

Blog Networks

Fast and effective way to build backlinks (no SPAM thank you). PBN networks are great to give pages it’s first kick to obtain some rankings as well as some keywords to index your website for.

Reputation Management

The way you appear on the web is how people perceive your business. If you have a low reputation, why sould someone trust & do business with you? They won’t. So it’s important to keep a positive reputation on the internet.

Keyword Research

Understanding the keywords you need to be competing for is very important. if you’re targeting unrelated or difficult to rank keywords, you’ll have a hard time appearing anywhere on the SERPs. It’s important to do keyword research, understand the niche and what you need to be ranking for.

Learn How To Utilize Off Page SEO