White Hat SEO

On Page SEO or also known as Technical SEO, is various SEO strategies diploid on a web page itself to create a better user experience. There are multiple ways this can be done, but the most effective as of 2019 is quality content that is properly optimized

Our High-Grade On Page SEO Strategies




Creating content for a website whether it be through a blog, new pages or even just updating content on the homepage, website content is CRUCIAL in getting your website indexed on Google. Website content allows the spiders to crawl, analyze, and pickup on what content is provided through your website.


Easy to use navigation is beneficial for all users, it’s easier for the spiders to crawl the website, therefore ranking you higher. It allows users to navigate easier, providing a better user experience, and it also improves the professionalism of your website. With easy to use menus and interlinking, really helps when ranking a website.

Page Speed

Google has now turned page speed into a ranking factor that can play a large roll. Websites that have a slow load time have a high bounce rate, websites that have a high bounce rate don’t rank on Google. A high bounce rate is users coming and leaving your website, and your bounce rate is determined by the time they spend on your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very beneficial, it’s done through all changes inside the website such as; META Descriptions, ALT texts, Title Tags, H1-H6 Tags and more. This can go along with keyword research as well, so you are aware of what keywords will be most beneficial in your tags and METAs.

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