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Here at Lead Source SEO, we stand far apart from all other Digital marketing agencies. We provide our clients with 100% white label marketing services, to ensure positive long lasting results. So many SEO agencies still love their spam backlink packages to sell and claim that it will BOOST their rankings. When in reality, it actually LOWERS your Google rankings. That's right, Google now 100% detects spam SEO and now punishes websites that do so. We're one step ahead of the game, providing only the most powerful Digital Marketing Services to dominate competitors and oversee your entire industry.

SEO Analysis

Advanced SEO Website Audit

Providing a complete in-depth overview of your website, our advanced SEO audit provides an in seemingly large amount of information. In this SEO Audit it will provide a complete analysis and overview of your website, from SEO Health to a complete backlink audit.

The Complete SEO Audit Includes:

  • SEO Health Overview
  • Page Speed Overview
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Content Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis provides a complete overview of your website, matched up against 3 of your top Competitors of your choice. Get a knowledge of what your website compares against your best competitors. You’re provided with a multi-analysis, containing a On Page, Mobile, Keyword and Backlink Analysis

SEO Consultation

In our SEO Consultation, we provide our client with a multi-day coaching, providing the owner with the knowledge of their complete online web presence. In the SEO Consultation, it includes an Advanced SEO audit as well as Competitor Analysis

On Page SEO Services

Content Marketing

One of the four most crucial aspects of Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing. Content Marketing allows your website to describe itself on Google, and brings your website a higher sense of legitimacy and trustability

SEO Tags

SEO Tags, a great way to rank for keywords, and customize the way each page appears to the SERPs. Title each page custom to the content that goes with the page to achieve higher rankings for keywords related to that page.

ALT Texts

ALT Texts, another great way to get your website appearing for keywords on the SERPs. ALT Texts are inserted into images, to give them a small title description that allows your business to appear for keywords.

Meta Descriptions

To go along with SEO Tags, Meta Descriptions give your page a small description to the SERPs, and if written and optimized properly, it is a very powerful way for you to appear for keywords related to Titles and that page.

Video SEO

A growing and seemingly new SEO method to boost rankings, Video SEO. Using video SEO to properly optimize videos to fit proper sizes, or minimize the code to allow it to load faster. Adding videos to your website alone is a Google booster, and when optimized correctly can skyrocket rankings.

Schema Markup

Giving the SERPs an oversight of the reviews on your website. Schema markup is important, as impression is everything. Businesses with poor reviews and poor schema markup will eventually be disregarded by Google in the near future.

Page Speed Optimization

As the average person won’t wait more than 4 seconds for a web page to load, it’s important to maintain a fast load time so you can keep a low bounce rate, to keep the traffic you may be losing.

Image SEO

Just like Video SEO, Image SEO is EXTREMELY important in ensuring top Google rankings. Poorly optimized images can lead to many issues on the website, besides it not looking quite as good as you’d like. Poorly optimized images can even contribute to slow page load times.

Internal & External Linking

Providing link juice through internal linking to your own pages is an extremely effective tool to build authority to new pages, or ones that didn’t have any before. External linking is also great, as it allows yourself to obtain new connections, by linking out to other websites, in giving them credit (ex: Blog post info).

Off Page SEO Services

Link Building

The 2nd most crucial part to SEO, Link Building. Link building allows your pages to rank for more keywords, obtain more traffic as well as obtain more domain authority. Link building is only useful when these links are organic and build naturally, not spam backlinks created with tools. Backlinks that rank pages and provide authority are generated through blog outreach.

Reputation Management

As reviews have made a larger impact to the internet over the last few years, well it’s also caused an impact on SEO. Websites with a poor reputation or poor reviews will feel (if not already) the impact of their bad reviews. Google will continue to punish websites with poor reputation over the next few months.

Guest Post Articles

The most powerful form of a backlink, a Guest Post Article. This is the most informative way for readers and viewers to learn and gain an awareness on your website. A guest post article provides the reader a mass amount of content related to your website, as well as potential snippets and images from your website.

Local SEO Services

Local Citation Building

A great an easy way to build quick authority and obtain traffic right off the bat. Local SEO is the easiest way to build authority and legitimacy to your website. Local citations such as Google My Business, Yelp or even Yahoo! Local, will boost your rankings and web traffic.

Local Citation Management

Managing and optimizing local citations such as Google My Business, is crucial in maintaining a steady growth through Local Optimization. Running paid advertisements on these platforms are also great ways to drive traffic to new websites.

Types of Web Development

Prefab Web Development

Prefab or pre-built websites are sites that contain non-original content, that is created and set-up for the person who owns the site to customize themselves. Prefab sites allow the owner to have a base or starting point to customize their website to their liking.

Custom Web Design

Custom, complete, intricate and beautiful. Our custom websites are built to destroy the competition no matter what niche you are in. Websites that are custom designed and discussed over the phone, with extra revision processes to ensure a maximum ranking, beautiful custom website.

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Postings

Facebook postings are a great and easy way to drive fast traffic to your website. Set up your hashtags to your target audience and post! Get your social media profiles out there and you will see a SUBSTANTIAL spike in web traffic. 

Facebook Advertising Management

An even more powerful way to grow your website, product or business. Facebook advertising, with laser targeting methods, Facebook advertising is one of our favorite ways to drive mass amounts of traffic to client websites.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram Posting

Another powerful way to obtain web traffic, Instagram Marketing! Instagram is in the top 3 most used social media platforms next to Youtube and Facebook. Instagram has a broad audience that allows your to easily hashtag your posts to receive high amounts of profile and traffic to your site.

Instagram Ads Management

The more powerful way to drive traffic via Instagram, is through advertising. Instagram Ads are a great way to source targeted web traffic from your social media accounts.

Mobile SEO Services

Mobile Page Speed

Pages on mobile tend to load slower, as images need to be properly compressed and images need to be properly sized. And as of 2019, mobile page speed has become HUGE! Slow pages say goodbye, as the average person waits no more than 4 seconds for a website to load.

Mobile Page Creation

Ensuring that all mobile content is clean and friendly is also important. Ugly mobile pages are a BIG no, when a website on mobile is not user friendly, your bounce rate can increase up to 50% !! Those are not numbers nor you OR Google want you to have.

Mobile Menu Design

Something that isn’t taken into account enough; Mobile Menu Design. Most websites actually do not have proper mobile menus set up. Some websites don’t even have functioning mobile menus! Websites that cannot be earily crawled are taking HUGE impacts as of 2019.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing services allow websites to gain a higher web awareness. Whether it be through Social Media or SEO, it all drives traffic. With a higher web awareness your sales and conversions will increase up to 50x

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